VDK 2011

Hi All and welcome to 2011!!!  Looking forsward to 2011 and then again who isn’t.  Should be filled with fun and shows and touring.  Headed into the studio to record a single version of ‘Strong Will Survive’ off the “Mileage” record.  Should be lots of fun and looking forward to working with LArry Sturm at Pressure Point recording studios.  An electric version of the song is what we will be doing and it should rock like no one’s business.  You can always follow us on twitter @vdkchicago. The song “Its Allright” is now featured on the  site www.weeklyindie.com.  You can join www.weeklyindie.com and liten to artists like VDK and others and follow us there and tell the cyber world how much it rocks.  Look for new videos soon on Vimeo and join us for our next show.  Headed for the musical wonderland….

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