Ukraine Insanity

Back from the the Ukraine bleary eyed and satisfied.  From Kien to Kharkov to Donesk to Denepropetrosk and back to Kiev.  You can go from a village that hasn’t changed in a 150 years to Gucci and the Ritz in a matter of 150 kilometers.  A great experience, people were great and music was awesome.A great time at the Liverpool Club.  Thanks Alex for taking care of us.    Had a slamming time playing with Andre Howard and Tony Dale.  A kickin rhythm section!!!  Had a great show on Friday at the Montrose Room. VDK rocked! Thanks to all who came.  Shot some video, look for some snippets on the VOODOO KINGS vimeo channel:  A shout out to Joe Tolitano and Better Roll Films for taking the time to do it right.  Headed into the studio to do some recording. Look for some more live stuff happening soon.  Happy Holidays!!!

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