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Voodoo Kings Releases

Here is an awesome video from a great show in Denver

the VOODOO KINGS at Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO

Here is a video taste from our CD release party at the walnut Room in Denver in November of 2017

Here is a video captured from the VOODOO KINGS at the Montrose Room in Chicago


Thank you for feeding our addiction. We’re plugged in, tuned up, and have a muse that needs to be fed. We’ve been doing this for as many years as we can remember, music has taken up places we’ve never thought we would go, and we look forward to following where it flows. After living the music through all these years, and all these stages, living a dream throughout the States, we’re ecstatic to be here, for this moment, for this show, this song.

One of the last of the analog kids, Michael Kranicke, founder of Voodoo Kings, grew up at a time when listening to music meant vinyl or the radio; feeding on rock’n’roll and blues that had harmony and melody, honing songwriting skills and leading bands as he learned guitar.

Breathing this music with hundreds of shows, the Voodoo Kings have experienced many wonderful moments, applause, laughter, smiles, and critical praise.

The single “When I See Her” off of Voodoo Kings’ American Lights record was featured in the movie Deal starring Burt Reynolds and distributed by MGM.

Two songs off the record Mileage, “It’s All Right” and “Strong Will Survive” have been licensed to Canadian television series Dark Rising – Warrior of Worlds, spreading the word about Voodoo Kings.

The band recently signed a licensing agreement with Atrium Music in Los Angeles.

“It’s all about the song and stripping down the music and getting down to rock’n’roll,” says Michael.

With the newest release, Faith & Whiskey, the Voodoo Kings demonstrate their unique take on consummate rock’n’roll song. From the Beatles-esque opener of “Eyes on You,” to the roots-laden sound of “Lonely Street,” the band demonstrates their effective blend of Rock Americana.

The Voodoo Kings, with their guitar-driven lineup and sustained by their uncompromising passion for the song, the first chord, the girls, and for the rush, invite you on their musical journey. Come join the adventure.

Voodoo Kings Through the Years…


VDK CD Release Party at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO

January 17th, 2018|

Well we had an awesome time hanging out and playing at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO with the Urban Earth Band. We played music off the latest release “Faith & Whiskey” and basically just threw one big ass party. For all our fans that showed and had a great time, we thank you. Always nice to make new friends and see some old ones. Stay tunes for more shows coming up in 2018.

Welcome to the new site!!!

January 17th, 2018|

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the new VOODOO KINGS site. Glad to have you hear and please poke around. We came out with a new CD and so figured we would do the same for the website. We will be posting about the band news, recording stuff an anything else that comes to mind. Enjoy and we will see you out at a show soon.

VDK thanks…

January 1st, 2017|

Hello out there. A big thanks for all our fans that have listened throughout the years. 2018 and wow, really, 2018?!? I have been blessed to be doing this for sometime and to have met some incredible people and bandmates along the way. I am definitely looking forward to 2018 and making some great music with my friends. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we will see you at a show soon.

See you all soon!


“American pop rock woven with a country twang produces a good aroma on the Voodoo Kings release Mileage… A true taste of the Americana musical pie.”

“Their album American Lights is a prime example of how the Voodoo Kings have become a midwestern music staple.”

“The band electrified the stage with its unique “hot” mesh of rockin’ combination of punk/soul/glam/retro guitar riffs and 4-part harmonies that melted the mic.”